Assurance Document Shredding frequently asked questions.Assurance_Document_Shredding_FAQ_Image_final (1)

Is ADS affiliated with NAID (National Association of Information Destruction)?
Yes. We are a member of NAID in good standing, and adhere to the high standards of security and ethics established by that organization.
Why should I use ADS document destruction services?
All businesses dispose of sensitive data on a regular basis. Correspondence, customer lists, pricing info, sales statistics, drafts, bids, and memos are all examples of documents which contain information that would be valuable to competitors. Customer information and employee records are entrusted to you with the expectation that the information will be safeguarded. You have the legal and ethical responsibility to maintain that trust.
Why use ADS document destruction services instead of our own shredder?
It costs far more to use an office shredder, than to employ a document destruction service, and shredding your own documents is far less secure! An office with just a few employees can generate over 100 lbs. of paper every month. A good office shredder is expensive and will shred up to 20 lbs. per hour. This is not cost effective for most companies. In addition, your shredded documents don’t end up in a dumpster, where they can be retrieved and easily reconstructed by thieves.
Why shouldn’t I just recycle my documents?
Recycling alone does not provide a secure level of protection. Recycling facilities generally use open collection containers which are accessible to anyone, and the employees are not usually security screened. Destruction and recycling, provides a higher level of security.
Does ADS strip shred our documents?
No. Strip shredding is a very inefficient method for document destruction because papers can be easily reconstructed. Our shredding is done with a pierce and tear method that leaves the documents in small pieces that are extremely difficult to reconstruct. They are then delivered to a recycling facility and turned into paper pulp and new resources.
Why would on-site document destruction be preferred to off-site?
The main reason is that your documents are vulnerable during transportation. When your documents are destroyed on-site, they are rendered unreadable before they leave your facility.
How do I know that my documents have been destroyed?
You may witness the destruction of your documents. We always provide you a Certificate of Destruction when the job is completed. ADS performs background checks and security screens on all our employees.
Does ADS provide collection containers?
Yes. We evaluate your disposal volume, and provide locking collection containers free of charge.