Assurance_Document_Shredding_NAID_ImageAssurance Document Shredding offers peace of mind to those with personal information they need to protect.

Did you know you have a legal responsibility to protect the content of many documents your company handles daily?  Private information is not limited to bank statements and business contracts, but includes confidential materials regularly produced by most businesses, from employee medical records to strategic planning documents.

Mobile document shredding by ADS provides the following major benefits:

  • A much higher level of security because documents are shredded on-site with a technique that does not permit document reconstruction.
  • Your documents are not vulnerable during transportation and are disposed of in closed containers to prevent retrieval and attempted reconstruction by thieves.
  • Destruction before recycling gives you much more protection than simply recycling, as recycling facilities generally use open containers.
  • After using the industry best practice, pierce and tear method, ADS delivers your documents to a recycling facility to be turned into paper pulp and new resources.
  • You may witness the process, and always receive a certificate of Destruction.
  • All ADS employees undergo security screening and background checks.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America

6 million U.S. residents experienced identity theft in 2014
One in 20 adults in the U.S. are now victims of identity theft
Two-thirds of identity theft victims reported a direct financial loss

Federal law requires businesses and individuals to take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information.  Failure to comply with laws could be very costly to you, your customers, and/or your employees.  Minimize the risks and consequences.
Source: Federal Trade Commission and Bureau of Justice Statistics